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May 20, 2013

"Hi Lilita,

Finally we are back home filled with all the impressions!

Thank you for your encouragement! We planned our trip as soon as we saw your description and pictures of Isla La Graciosa.  And truly, this island offers unforgettable rest from daily routines.  

Of course, flight transfers were not easy as we travelled via London-Stansted where we had to wait hours between the flights.  On the way back we stopped for eight hours in Brussels.  

We arrived in Lanzarote on May 12th around noon, then travelled to the city centre where we took the bus to Orzola. We reached Orzola around 4.30pm - just in time to catch the Biosfera boat. Eva greeted us in La Graciosa port, she is a very nice lady indeed!

On Monday we hired two bikes and cycled to the beautiful La Conchas beach.  The beach truly is a miracle! I climbed the mountain which is just next to it.  After cycling about 20 km we came home sunburned bright red!

We also visited Pedro Barba, the other village where we did not see a single person, just some cute little 'Flinston' houses.  

On Tuesday we went to the wonderful Francesa beach. It sure is nice that there are so few tourists on the island, mainly during the day only.  We had a chat with a couple from Switzerland having come to the island on a day trip, they were surprised to learn that it is possible to get an accommodation and stay here for more than one day!

On Wednesday we went for a walk towards the Francesa beach approaching it from the other side. It was a nice walk about 8km long.

On Thursday we returned to Lanzarote where we stayed in Matagorda till Sunday. But of course, there is no comparison between La Graciosa and Lanzarote! We are so very pleased with our trip! The island truly is a nature's miracle!

Edgars Vārna un Liāna Susse"

*Photos from Edgar's and Liana's trip can be viewed in their picture galleries: Gallery 1 and Gallery 2.

May 23, 2013

© Silva Poča 2013

"Hello Lilita,

I've always been fascinated by two things: the sea and the mountains, especially the turquoise colour of the Southern seas and the power of the surrounding mountains. I saw your photo of La Graciosa when surrounded by cold Latvian winter and I instantly felt a warm and irresistable breeze.


Silva Poča

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