Fishing in La Graciosa

' is carefully controlled in the areas around La Graciosa and Alegranza, and a no-take zone declared around the tiny Roque del Este...'    more 

Fishing in La Graciosa

'Sportfishing in La Graciosa - Determining factor of good fishing in this area is the water temperature and climate. Most frequent captures are tuna, bonito, ravil and with these come the sharks. The different species are caught with artificial bait unlike sharks and bows on the bait used to lure previously captured earlier.

In the waters off La Graciosa we find:

White and blue marlin - The White Marlin fishing is done by trolling with artificial bait type technique for octopus and blue is similar to the shark. Its average weight is between 20 and 60 kilos. The blue and white marlin are returned to the sea, most of the clubs of La Graciosa is working with the Billfish Foundation to study this species.  Yellowtail - are slow trolling with bait glaive and other similar species. Their weight ranges between 10 and 50 kilos is captured in shallow and near the islets;

Golden, bigeye or Bluefin Tuna Big Eyes - These species are caught trolling with artificial bait type octopus. His weight is between 20 and 150 kilos. ...'    more


'La Graciosa Senderos Islenos - Pesca'  youtube video about fishing