Walking, hiking and trekking in La Graciosa

If you got the time and legs, walking is probably the best and definitely the most appropriate way to get about and experience the island. There are many different types of established routes suitable for trekking, hiking or just ambling about.

Outside Caleta Del Sebo there is no shade and you should dress accordingly and always take plenty of water.


Routes and maps

Routes on OAPN Park Authority's website 


More about walking, hiking and trekking on La Graciosa

'Many day trippers head off to either the right or left of the port where there are beaches and coves to explore. Walkers turning right from the port will reach the beautiful Barranco de Conejo beach after 3KM. Continue for another half an hour along the cliff path and you get to the small village of Pedro Barba with its nicely protected beach. …  There are many established trekking routes on the island and can be arranged for those who don't want to trek on their own...' ...more