Useful information about La Graciosa

Why La Graciosa is the best Canary island?

'... I love to travel and over the years have been to many glorious places, ranging from picturesque Scottish castles to cherry-flowering Japanese mountains with many a perfect palm-fringed beach in between. So why La Graciosa? … more


How to get to La Graciosa                    

To book your flight to Lanzarote we suggest you search a comparison site like skyscanner. To get from Arrecife airport to Orzola you can take the bus which will take approximately one and half hours. Alternatively you can take a taxi at the airport rank or pre-book. The taxi ride takes about 50min. 

La Graciosa ferry

Unless you booked a late crossing by water taxi you will have to use the ferry from Orzola and the last one leaves at 6-7pm depending on the season. If you use the ferry your arrival time in Lanzarote should not be later than 3-4pm if you want to get to La Graciosa the same day. When you disembark in Caleta de Sebo you are usually met by the local agent for the accommodation you booked. If not we advise you best be prepared to find your casa without local help as locals may not know your apartment by the name or address you have.


Where to stay on La Graciosa - apartments for rent or free camping               

If you are looking for a budget trip, we suggest you use the campsite.  Camping in La Graciosa is free but must be pre-booked. Alternatively you can stay in the Marina on a boat you own or have hired.

If you prefer more solid lodgings there is a wide range of rooms, self-catering apartments and houses for rent on La Graciosa. They are all fully furnished and equipped and some provide extras like fresh towels, a washing machine, Internet, satellite TV, baby cots, cleaning or beach toys. Many have panoramic views from their balconies or sun terraces and wherever you are staying it will take less than 10 minutes to walk to one of the safe, sheltered and child-friendly beaches in and around Caleta de Sebo.  You can find all the available rentals on our accommodation map listing links to the available booking agents. We aim to support La Graciosa’s local community and therefore suggest you book directly with the person who handles the booking locally,  prepares your accommodation and meets you at the port.



Restaurants, bars and shops on La Graciosa

Caleta de Sebo boast around ten bars and restaurants, two supermarkets, a grocer, baker, butcher, DIY hardware store, a souvenir shop, bank with cash-machine, pharmacy, clinic, emergency doctor and free 24/7 WIFI in or outside the Hamburgensia.


The best beaches in the Canary Islands!

La Graciosa's beaches are for sure the islands biggest attraction. Many consider them to be the best beaches in the Canary Islands. Untouched and solitary, they are often devoid of people – especially outside of the main summer holiday months as well as the early morning and late afternoon hours before/after the first and last ferry leaves the port. more


How to get about on La Graciosa

If you got the time and legs, walking is the best and definitly the most appropriate way to experience.

If you like cycling or need to cover the distance to the northern beaches renting a mountain bike is ideal.

There are no proper roads on La Graciosa and outside Caleta Del Sebo only licensed Land Rover ‘Safari’ taxis are allowed. They offer... more 


What to do on La Graciosa

Graciosa is the perfect place to do nothing except enjoy the tranquility and dream about a green flash at sunset time. But there are plenty of options if you want to be more actively engaged. You can explore the often spectacular biosphere and wildlife on a guided walking tour, a bird watching mountain bike tour, a beach hopping Land Rover trip or one of the many maritime excursions, be it by watertaxi, glass bottom boat, giant catamaran yacht or on a fishing or scuba diving expedition. Or you can just swim and snorkel off your favourite beach and discover a new creature every day. And for the sports minded sailors, wave- wind- and kite surfers La Graciosa offers a superb range of locations ideal for all levels of competence. ...more


La Graciosa events

Find out what annual events are held in Caleta de Sebo, La Graciosa.


La Graciosa history

All the guides tell us that it was Jean de Bethencourt who named La Graciosa when he first beheld its beauty in 1402. But apparently this guiding myth ‘… is without foundation. …more


La Graciosa guides and excursions

Excursions, local guides and other on line travel guides