Why buy property in La Graciosa?

Looking for a place in the sun?

La Graciosa is the eighth and least known Canary island, located north off Lanzarote.

La Graciosa has the best beaches in the Canary Islands and so far have remained untouched by mass tourism. Only a small fraction of people who come to Fuertaventura, Lanzarote or The Canaries learn about La Graciosa, let alone get to visit it.

Thus, La Graciosa should appeal to those who do not like crowds and resorts, who chose to be surrounded by beautiful nature instead of having the latest gadgets and luxuries. The island is a treat for those searching a get-away, for sun-worshipers, naturists, bird-watchers, cyclists and walkers.

There is only one village all on the island and 90% of the island is uninhabited and protected as a Nature Park. Nonetheless, La Graciosa is well connected to Lanzarote by ferry with crossing every half hour, and thus making a trip to Lanzarote a popular excursion.

The island has minimal but sufficient infrastructure, including school, medical centre, shops, restaurants and cash machine – enough for its 700 inhabitants and visitors. There are no hotels, no tourist resorts and no nightclubs on the island.

Being remote but well connected to Lanzarote, this unique Canarian island sure is an especially exclusive winter sun location. 

The La Graciosa property market barely existed only a few years ago and now provides a unique opportunity to buy a little piece of paradise. Moreover, we think that this market will exist for a limited period of time only. Building on the island has been most severely restricted and this is likely to continue as long as the Federal State of Spain maintains Nature Parks. As there will never be tower blocks or large holiday resorts on the island, the property for sale will remain limited to very few homes on offer. It does not take much to see how this protection lowers the risk of devaluation – there will always be demand for strictly limited supply either in form of rent or purchase.

If you are looking to buy property in Canary Islands, particularly, a place in the sun in exclusive location surrounded by most beautiful beaches, we suggest you consider La Graciosa.

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