Swimming and snorkeling in La Graciosa

La Graciosa boasts some of the best white sand beaches in the Canary Islands. Apart from Playa de las Conchas  where you can rarely go swimming because of dangerous currents,  you can enjoy the water not just in the summer but most of the year.

Some shallow beaches and rockpools boast water temperatures above 20C even in January. Wherever you go into the water on La Graciosa you are likely to see fish and other often exotic maritime creatures.

La Graciosa is ideal for snorkeling  - more likely than not you will discover something new every time.

More about swimming and snorkeling in La Graciosa

'An island like La Graciosa is of course a superb place for swimming and snorkelling. Even in shallow waters no more than ten metres out, you will be awestruck by the richness of the underwater world.' ...more